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Squamish SoccerFest 2018

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Once again the guys and gals at Bombastic FC made their way up to the beautiful town of Squamish for a weekend of fun (and football) at the annual Squamish SoccerFest.

Like every year, our teams went up with a single goal: having a good time on and off the pitch–and boy were the successful at that!!

Here’s a first-person recap of a fun-filled weekend, written by the one and only Matt J.


Over 40 people from the club made their way to Squamish this year. On the first night, we all had dinner together at the brew pub.


A bunch of maniacs getting ready for a night out with a few drinks in the Keg Room.

Well that weekend FLEW by! 

It seems like just this morning we were waking up with a pounding headache, mouth as dry as the Sahara and our clothes still on from the night before. All of this would have had other teams forfeiting their morning game and begging for the pain to stop but unlike other teams, we are BOMBASTIC.

After a big FriYAY night of drinks, dinner drinks, dance and dancing drinks🔥- all three Bombastic teams bandaged up their livers and made it to the pitch to watch the Women’s team play their first game of the tournament. With the opening game honours the ladies battled to a shootout victory with strong play from each and every player. Sara C had the goal of the tournament where she steam rolled the opposing goalie and used  her head to push the ball across the goal line while on the ground. Honourable mentions go to Emily and Alexa for keeping it 💯 on the defensive end and upfront. However it was Alisha who took away team MVP honours locking the defence down and helping the team carve a winning record. Well done ladies! 

The same could not be said for both men’s teams… Stress hit Team Cody early Saturday morning, when jerseys were missing minutes before kickoff (not to mention that some players remained unaccounted for from the night before). Fortunately the jerseys arrived for the second half and everyone was (eventually) located unscathed. The shell shock from both ordeals proved too much for the lads, who sweated off most of the booze but were unable to get a victory this year. A single bright spot came to the men’s squad when recent retiree Will C. scored a lovely goal for Team Peter — the first goal for the men’s tournament in the past two years–😂😂😂.

MVP honours go to the guys who managed to go through the weekend without puking… in public. 

A big thank you goes out to Steph for helping organize the Women’s team, Cody for returning the (two!) empty kegs, the Keg Room gents for doing an awesome job keeping things cold and clean, and finally everyone who attended.

Squamish weekend is a great way to bring club members together and to get to know and meet some of the new or rarely seen faces. In that context, this year’s tournament was absolutely ideal. Thank you all for coming and continuing to make this club awesome!

 Hope to see you’ll again at the next event in the summer.

Squamish SoccerFest 2018 – Women’s Team


Squamish SoccerFest 2018 – Team Cody


Squamish SoccerFest 2018 – Team Peter